I’m a Fraud! – recognising and dealing with Impostor Syndrome

Have you ever worried that you’re not good enough? Are your achievements down to luck and you’re just waiting to be found out as a fraud? Have you recently been promoted, and are struggling to shake the feeling that you’re not operating at the required level? If so, don’t worry. You are not alone. You […]

5 reasons why Brexit might not have such a massive impact on your life

I’m an optimistic guy, so here are my 5 reasons why the Brexit vote might not have such a massive impact. If you agree with me, then please share on social media with your buddies… What does a vote “Leave” actually mean We voted to leave the EU.  Not to reduce migration, not to increase […]

Why should I believe the opinion polls? The Scotland evidence.

Scotland held a referendum in September 2014 over their independence from the United Kingdom. An eventual “No” vote by 55% of the population was the outcome, but were the opinion polls any good at predicting this? And what does this tell us about our EU referendum vote – based on current polling? I hope you […]

What do the UK import and export statistics mean for the Brexit debate?

Are you undecided on the EU referendum debate, and unsure how you will vote? Check out my analysis of the UK import / export data, and perhaps you’ll become closer to a decision. If you find the following helpful, please share with your social media buddies via Facebook, twitter, and all the other sites! In […]

How to be great at budgeting – Communication

Budgeting is all about managing expectations, so it’s probably no great surprise that communication is a major tool is delivering an awesome budget. We previously looked at timelines in a previous post, also you read my intro to this series here. How are your communication skills? You need to find your answers to the following […]

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