How to be great at budgeting – timelines

In an earlier post I talked about the three elements that make up a successful budget – i.e. Timelines Communication Assumptions This post is focussing in on timelines as an important factor in a successful budget approach. Timelines Budgeting occurs once a year, but you don’t magic up a load of spare time in which to […]

How to be great at budgeting – Intro

As a finance manager I’ve done my fair share of budgeting. If you are new to the process then this blog series should be a great starting point. Every organisation budgets slightly differently, but broadly speaking this is an annual event that will be linked to company projections and performance based pay. Therefore they are […]

How to be Rubbish at starting a new job: Tip #01

Are you starting a new job soon? Congratulations! If you want to get the most out of the transition make sure you don’t… Avoid stupid questions We’ve all asked them before right? “Er, where’s the loo?” or “How do you open the gates using your pass?” It’s never a nice feeling,┬ábut it’s absolutely key to […]

How to be rubbish at New Year resolutions: #02

Last week I wrote about your long term plans and goals helping to shape your new year resolutions (NYRs). As January draws on you perhaps you’re… Not SMART Before you get offended and stop reading, I’m not describing your intelligence levels! SMART is a tool for writing objectives which I’ve written about before, and stands […]

How to be rubbish at New Year resolutions: Tip #01

So it’s time for some New Years resolutions (NYRs) as we welcome in a new year. Are you one of those people that are rubbish at sticking to your NYRs? Perhaps you… Don’t have a long term plan Why do you make NYRs? To improve your life. Giving up smoking, going to the gym more, […]

An intro to my productivity philosophy

So you want to be more productive? Me too! I’ve been searching for tools and methods my whole life, and have created a simple methodology that can work for anyone. What does “being productive” mean? Good question. Productivity to me means getting more important stuff done. Don’t get caught in the trap of thinking that […]

Does your smartphone rule your life?

Does your smartphone rule your life? Do you find yourself constantly checking for status updates and new messages? Do you find yourself getting distracted from important stuff by your iphone? Smartphones haven’t been around that long, so how come they’re so damn addictive? Always connected One of the best things about smartphones is that you’re […]

My first video interview – what I learned

Today I was interviewed for an internal film about one of our big projects. Here’s what I learned… Prepare, prepare, and then prepare some more The night before the filming I received a briefing document. This gave an overview of what was expected of me. Luckily I’d already thought about what I wanted to say, […]

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