Stop using your mouse! Keyboard shortcuts to make your life more productive!

Do you ever find yourself slowly scrolling to the bottom of a page using the wheel on your mouse and wonder if there’s a faster way of doing it? How about clicking through several screens one by one until the option you’re looking for comes up? You need to stop clickety clicking and start tappedy […]

10 motivational songs that inspire me in the morning

I’ve got a great playlist that really helps motivate me. I sometimes listen to this when I’m driving in to work, and need a boost. So if you already own these songs, then whack ’em on a playlist, if you don’t know these songs, check out the videos below.. 1. Greatest day – Take That […]

Herzberg’s Theory of Motivation: Hygiene factors and Motivator factors

One of my favourite management theory models is Herzberg’s Theory of Motivation. In this article I’m going to talk you through the model, and then describe how you can use it as a manager. This post is part of my ‘models and theories’ series, of which previously I have posted about the unconscious and the […]

Christine Ohuruogu’s inspirational gold medal interview

Wow, what a result for Christine Ohuruogu – a gold medal at the 2013 World Athletics Championship for the Women’s 400m by 4 thousandths of a second! As the GB team captain in Moscow, Christine certainly knows what it takes to perform at the highest level. This morning I heard Christine’s winning interview and was […]

Unconscious to Conscious: The Learning Cycle

There is a great model first developed by Noel Burch¬†which is called The Learning Cycle. This model describes four states which we move through as we learn. Being aware of this model is important as a manager; if you’re expecting your team to learn something new then expect them to move through these states. Your […]

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