An intro to my productivity philosophy

So you want to be more productive? Me too! I’ve been searching for tools and methods my whole life, and have created a simple methodology that can work for anyone. What does “being productive” mean? Good question. Productivity to me means getting more important stuff done. Don’t get caught in the trap of thinking that […]

Stop using your mouse! Keyboard shortcuts to make your life more productive!

Do you ever find yourself slowly scrolling to the bottom of a page using the wheel on your mouse and wonder if there’s a faster way of doing it? How about clicking through several screens one by one until the option you’re looking for comes up? You need to stop clickety clicking and start tappedy […]

Don’t sit on it! Instant process mapping for the procrastinator

Are you a procrastinator? Do you sit on tasks when they first come to you, waiting for that magical moment when you’ll know that the time is right to do it? Do you find it hard to commit to completing things? I know I do! This blog is going to offer you some ideas for […]

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