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To stay on top of modern life you need an efficient system which helps you capture and process all the important bits of information that comes your way

An intro to my productivity philosophy

So you want to be more productive? Me too! I’ve been searching for tools and methods my whole life, and have created a simple methodology that can work for anyone. What does “being productive” mean? Good question. Productivity to me

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Increase Productivity and Kill Your Dead Time

Waiting for a plane

How much dead time is there in your life? Do you wish you had some great ways to utilise it? This blog is part of my productivity philosophy which aims to help you to get more important stuff done in

Stop using your mouse! Keyboard shortcuts to make your life more productive!

Keyboard is better than the mouse

Do you ever find yourself slowly scrolling to the bottom of a page using the wheel on your mouse and wonder if there’s a faster way of doing it? How about clicking through several screens one by one until the

Using Evernote to manage my team and me

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I’ve been implementing my own version of GTD using Evernote, and have come up with a good way to stay in touch with management of my team. Action / Context tags One aspect of my Evernote system is context tags.

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GTD & Evernote – which notebooks and tags to use

Evernote Logo

So I’ve tried (and failed) to implement Evernote and GTD, and along the way I’ve learnt how to setup my Evernote tags and notebooks to best suit me. There are lots of differing opinions on this; my advice is to

My big fat Evernote and GTD fail

If you’ve been following my blog you will have noticed that I have attempted to implement GTD and Evernote in order to become more productive. Sadly this attempt failed! This blog is going to share the reasons for the failure

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Implementing Evernote and GTD

I’ve decided to take the plunge and implement Evernote & GTD (“Getting Things Done” – David Allen’s approach to Productivity) in one fell swoop. This series of blogs is going to track my progress, my learns and my fails. What

Don’t sit on it! Instant process mapping for the procrastinator

Are you a procrastinator? Do you sit on tasks when they first come to you, waiting for that magical moment when you’ll know that the time is right to do it? Do you find it hard to commit to completing

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Clean To-Do List

Too Many To-Do Lists

This is the third step in my productivity journey – we’ve already looked at cleaning your inbox, cleaning your calendar – this week I’m looking at creating a ‘clean’ to-do list. How can you know what you need to do

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Clean Calendar

Meeting Prioritisation Matrix

In step one of my productivity blogs I talked about having a clean inbox, allowing you to focus on your own priorities. This second step looks at focusing on achieving a clean calendar. So what is a clean calendar? For

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