How to be Rubbish at starting a new job: Tip #01

Are you starting a new job soon? Congratulations! If you want to get the most out of the transition make sure you don’t… Avoid stupid questions We’ve all asked them before right? “Er, where’s the loo?” or “How do you open the gates using your pass?” It’s never a nice feeling,┬ábut it’s absolutely key to […]

How to be rubbish at New Year resolutions: #02

Last week I wrote about your long term plans and goals helping to shape your new year resolutions (NYRs). As January draws on you perhaps you’re… Not SMART Before you get offended and stop reading, I’m not describing your intelligence levels! SMART is a tool for writing objectives which I’ve written about before, and stands […]

How to be rubbish at New Year resolutions: Tip #01

So it’s time for some New Years resolutions (NYRs) as we welcome in a new year. Are you one of those people that are rubbish at sticking to your NYRs? Perhaps you… Don’t have a long term plan Why do you make NYRs? To improve your life. Giving up smoking, going to the gym more, […]

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