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One of the four pillars of my productivity philosophy, containing posts that describe how to limit the inflow of tasks and distractions.

An intro to my productivity philosophy

So you want to be more productive? Me too! I’ve been searching for tools and methods my whole life, and have created a simple methodology that can work for anyone. What does “being productive” mean? Good question. Productivity to me

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How to say “No” and increase your productivity

Kid Saying No

Do you wish you were less of a push-over? Do you find yourself agreeing to other people’s deadlines and then staying late to do your own stuff? If so, it sounds like you could do with saying “No” a bit

Get Tough with Meetings!

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Do you have too many meetings in your diary and struggle to get things done? Do you feel out of touch with what you’re doing and bounce aimlessly from meeting to meeting? Don’t worry, this is quite common – today’s

Ignore distractions!

This is a blog for all those people who find it hard to get important stuff done because they get distracted. Distractions are a key barrier to using your time effectively and productively – and this post forms part of

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