An intro to my productivity philosophy

So you want to be more productive? Me too! I’ve been searching for tools and methods my whole life, and have created a simple methodology that can work for anyone. What does “being productive” mean? Good question. Productivity to me means getting more important stuff done. Don’t get caught in the trap of thinking that […]

Does your smartphone rule your life?

Does your smartphone rule your life? Do you find yourself constantly checking for status updates and new messages? Do you find yourself getting distracted from important stuff by your iphone? Smartphones haven’t been around that long, so how come they’re so damn addictive? Always connected One of the best things about smartphones is that you’re […]

Get Your Priorities Right! Part one – The Five Year Plan

Being productive has always been important to me, and a key skill that can help you improve your productivity is prioritisation (I think it’s important enough to be Golden Rule #4 in it’s own right…) Prioritisation means dealing with or organising in order of importance. The most productive people are those who get lots of […]

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