My first video interview – what I learned


VideographersToday I was interviewed for an internal film about one of our big projects. Here’s what I learned…

Prepare, prepare, and then prepare some more

The night before the filming I received a briefing document. This gave an overview of what was expected of me. Luckily I’d already thought about what I wanted to say, so I spent a couple of hours preparing some nice sound bites.

This is time well spent. When I found myself in front of the camera I had some good phrases ready to go, and it helped the experience go smoothly!

Don’t wear loud stuff

About 30 seconds into the first question the director stopped me and pointed out that my cuff links were scraping the table whenever I gestured with my hands. Noisy stuff is not cool for filming, it’s really hard to remove it from the soundtrack later…

Also watch out for loud clothes, as in bright oranges and pinks. These can look rubbish on camera!

Get the big picture from the director

As I mentioned earlier I had put some good prep time in the previous night. I talked some of my ideas through with the director before the camera started rolling, and he gave me some different ideas as to what he wanted from me.

I’m glad I checked with the director; otherwise I would have ended up not meeting his expectations, and the whole experience would have been less valuable.


If you get the chance to be filmed for an interview, then jump at it. It’s great fun, and great for your exposure within your organisation. Make sure you prepare, don’t wear loud accessories, and make sure you get a steer from the director.

More hints can be found at this link from, a great article that even talks about what colour to wear!

Photo by Dean Terry, from Flickr

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