Does your smartphone rule your life?

Does your smartphone rule your life? Do you find yourself constantly checking for status updates and new messages? Do you find yourself getting distracted from important stuff by your iphone?

Smartphones haven’t been around that long, so how come they’re so damn addictive?

Always connected

One of the best things about smartphones is that you’re always connected. To the web, to people, to your messages and social media. This is great because you can start to get more stuff done in places you previously couldn’t, like bus stops.

However the reverse is also true; you get less done in places like libraries and meetings! Being connected means that you are contactable, distractible, and easily sidetracked by ‘interesting’ things on your phone.


How many times a day do you check your Facebook stream at work or school? And how many times have you seen something important on the news stream? There is a constant flow of information rushing through your smartphone and it’s easy to get distracted by it.

There are many other distractions vying for your attention, each with an ‘unread’ icon screaming “click me, click me!” Even updating apps (surely the most boring thing in the world right?) becomes addictive when you have an icon demanding your attention.

Ignore unread icons

Tip number one: Ignore the unread icons. They don’t matter. They didn’t exist 10 years ago. Get used to seeing them on your home screen.

Schedule your smartphone time smartly

Tip number two: Schedule time in when you deal with these unread icons. Make it a conscious decision to update your apps or read your messages. Better still use dead time to do this non value add exercise.

Why not also schedule in your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest surfing to a time when you can give it your full attention?


Don’t let your Smartphone rule your life…