Using Evernote to manage my team and me

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I’ve been implementing my own version of GTD using Evernote, and have come up with a good way to stay in touch with management of my team.

Action / Context tags

One aspect of my Evernote system is context tags. These all start with ‘@’, which keeps them near the top of the tag list, and tells me what type of note it is. I started off just using @action, which told me I had to do something. As I got more comfortable with Evernote I realised I could expand this to include other types of activity. I now use 5 context tags:

  • @action – something I need to do
  • @waiting for – something that someone else (not in my team) is doing for me
  • @delegate – something I have given to my team to do
  • @feedback – specific feedback that I want to give to my team members
  • @discuss – something I want to discuss

These have really helped me stay on top of things. It’s easy to forget what you’ve asked your guys to do, and easy to forget specific feedback you want to give. Using these tags allow me to get closer to Dave Allen’s ‘Mind like water’.

Name tags

I tag each note with the name of the person that it relates to. I have one tag for each member of my team, and a tag for other key stakeholders (eg wife, boss, mother-in-law etc…)

So when I’m preparing for a one to one with a team member I pull up their name tag, and use the context tags to remind me what I’ve delegated, what needs to be fed-back and so on.

Trusted system

Now my team management is completely out of my head, in a trusted system. I add notes as they occur, and then can forget about it until the appropriate time. Dave Allen would be proud (I hope…!)

For info on my notebook and tag setup, check out this post, and for an honest appraisal of my first ever GTD attempt using Evernote, click here

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